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Southbury CT Tennis Classes

Southbury TennisA challenging and fun sport, tennis provides great exercise and the opportunity to improve your game at your own pace. From young children to seniors, tennis can be enjoyed by all ages and all skill levels and if you live in the Southbury area and want professional coaching and training to realize your full potential as a tennis player contact Tennis Made Simple. Begun by Val Stoiana, a 30-year veteran of the tennis scene, Tennis Made Simple is designed to provide practical and fun tennis lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced tennis players. Through innovative training techniques and personal tips, Tennis Made Simple not only helps improve your tennis skills but also brings the fun back to the game.

Youth Tennis Camps

Like most sports, summer camps are a great way to introduce young players a fun introduction to the great game of tennis. Our 5-week tennis summer camp is structured so beginner tennis players can learn the fundamentals of the game including the best way to hold the racquet and why, the proper swing shape, how to time the ball and the right way to hit the ball. Watching tennis makes it look easy but perfecting serves, backhand shots and forehand ground strokes takes a lot of practice and at Tennis Made Simple we instill in each student the basics that will allow them to progress at a pace they are comfortable with to get the most out of their game.

Private Tennis Lessons

If a large group setting isn't the best place for you to learn, Tennis Made Simple also offers private lessons to players of all skill levels. Not everyone takes well to group lessons and may find it difficult to perform in front of others. For those that prefer one-on-one tennis lessons we can host your private training at locations in Southbury and Newtown or make arrangements to travel to your home court for professional coaching that will help you progress as a tennis player. The mission of Tennis Made Simple is to make the game fun for all and whether that means a large camp setting or private lessons we make it comfortable for each player to learn the skills they need to advance their game.

For more information on tennis lessons in Connecticut call: 203-232-5337


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