Private Tennis Lessons

If you prefer private, one-on-one lessons instead of a group atmosphere, Tennis Made Simple offers personalized and private tennis lessons for junior and adult players in the Southbury area of Connecticut. Not everyone is comfortable in a camp or class setting and if you're a beginner or advanced player looking to focus on improving certain aspects of your game, contact Tennis Made Simple to schedule your private tennis lessons today. We can host your private lessons at locations in Southbury or Newtown and can even travel to your home court anywhere in Connecticut, to provide professional tips and training that will give you the coaching you need to succeed.

Beginners to Advanced Players

Private tennis lessons are available to all ages and skill levels. From beginners who need to learn the basics of tennis so they can develop from a solid foundation to advanced players who need assistance mastering shots such as one-handed backhand ground strokes, lobs and drop shots, Tennis Made Simple offers specific drills and techniques that will let you progress at a pace that is comfortable for you and gets results. We understand that not everyone one thrives in a group environment and that some tennis players need focused, one-on-one attention to better their tennis skills. With our affordable rates and undivided attention, your private tennis lessons will help you get to where you want to be as a tennis player and also instill a solid background for great cardiovascular exercise.

Making Tennis Fun

At Tennis Made Simple we don't aim to just teach the fundamentals of tennis but also strive to make everyone aware of how much fun the game can be. Beginners and intermediate players can easily get frustrated with the nuances of tennis and feel stuck at a certain level. With our private lessons we not only focus on improving your game but also reminding every player that the goal of tennis is to enjoy a great fitness workout. Whether you are looking to play tennis at a competitive level or simply want to enjoy a recreational activity that will help keep your heart healthy and strong, private tennis lessons with Tennis Made Simple is here to help.

For private tennis lessons in Connecticut, contact Tennis Made Simple: 203-232-5337. Call or email for pricing and ask about multi lesson rates.